Water Features

Want the tinkling serenity of moving water in the garden without the mess of a traditional waterfall and pond feature? A pond less water feature can enhance any space. Gardens and ponds seem to go together. 

Introducing water, moving or otherwise, into the garden evokes tranquility and a sense of delight.

We specialize in traditional pond design, small and large with fish, plants and rocks. All designs are one of a kind and custom built to space and customers requirements. We also specialize in Pondless Water Features.

A pondless water feature can be as simple as a rain chain hanging from a gutter over an infiltration basin filled with river stone, or as elaborate as a tiered waterfall cascading into a constructed stream bed, where it disappears almost magically into the ground.
Pondless water features can fit almost anywhere - in a small garden nook, beside an entryway, as a back yard focal point. Pondless translates to adaptability. Let our expert Pond designer give your garden that extra natural touch and the beautiful sound of running water.