21 Jul

Houston is currently experiencing record-breaking temperatures and extended periods of dryness deep into summer. These extreme weather conditions highlight the urgent need to ensure your lawn and plants receive adequate water to thrive in the scorching summer heat. Proper watering becomes crucial to ensure your landscape remains vibrant and healthy. We will discuss how to update your watering schedule and taking a look at the benefits of an irrigation system to combat the summer heat.

1. Reevaluate Your Watering Schedule:
At Lawn John, we closely monitor weather patterns and recommend fine-tuning your watering schedule based on recent climatic data. Here are some essential tips to adapt your watering routine:

a. Watering Frequency: With Houston's recent heatwave, it's crucial to increase the frequency of watering. Lawn John advises watering at least 2-3 times a week during peak summer months, ensuring they stay hydrated and resilient.

b. Optimal Timing: To minimize water loss due to evaporation, water your landscape early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Avoiding midday watering can protect your plants from potential heat stress.

c. Deep Watering: To combat dry conditions, deep watering becomes even more critical. Water deeply but less frequently to encourage roots to reach moisture deeper in the soil, helping your lawn survive periods of drought.

d. Monitor Soil Moisture: Take advantage of Lawn John's state-of-the-art soil moisture sensors to accurately gauge your plants' water needs. These sensors help prevent overwatering and promote efficient water usage.

2. The Importance of Irrigation Systems:

A well-designed irrigation system is the backbone of your landscape's survival. Discover the benefits of investing in Lawn John's irrigation solutions:

a. Water Conservation: In times of extreme heat and drought, modern irrigation systems like drip irrigation and smart controllers are invaluable. They minimize water wastage by directly targeting the roots and adjusting watering schedules based on current weather conditions.

b. Time-Saving: Let Lawn John's automated irrigation system take the stress out of watering. With our expert installation, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about manual watering, knowing your landscape is well taken care of.

c. Healthier Plants: Optimal water supply delivered by our calibrated irrigation systems promotes healthier lawns, plant growth and vibrant blooms, even in the face of challenging weather.

d. Increased Property Value: Upgrading your irrigation system enhances your landscape's health and aesthetics, potentially adding value to your property as a bonus.

3. Customized Irrigation Solutions:

At Lawn John, we recognize that every residential property is unique, and so are its irrigation needs. Before proposing an irrigation system, our expert landscape team of approved vendors conducts a thorough assessment, considering factors like soil type, plant variety, sunlight exposure, and water pressure.

a. Drip Irrigation: Ideal for flower beds, gardens, and shrubbery, Lawn John's drip irrigation provides a slow and steady flow of water directly to the root zone, conserving water and sustaining your plants through tough times.

b. Sprinkler Systems: For larger lawns and open areas, Lawn John's automated sprinkler system ensures even water distribution, leaving no spot unattended even during the most challenging weather.

c. Smart Controllers: With Lawn John's innovative smart controllers, your irrigation system becomes a weather-aware marvel, adjusting watering schedules based on real-time meteorological data to optimize water usage.

Trust Lawn John to help you adapt your watering practices and ensure your landscape remains lush and resilient during these crazy hot summers. By updating your watering schedule and considering new installation or update a dated and broken irrigation system, you'll be well-equipped to combat Houston's extreme temperatures and enjoy a stunning garden throughout the summer. 

Consult Lawn John's expert landscape team today to safeguard your landscape from the harshest weather challenges.

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